Our favourite fencing brand and the supplier of most of our fencing equipment is Negrini

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Our favourite fencing shop is Lieffertz

Equipment Requirements

Fencing is a relatively safe sport thanks to the use of appropriate protective clothing and the quality of the weapons used. At SV Zaal Treffers we ensure that proper equipment is used during both training and bouts. Competitions have more stringent requirements and fencers are allowed to participate only if all the equipment conforms to the minimum requirements set by the tournament’s organizers and the fencing federation.

For different age groups there are different equipment’s requirements. The safety level of the equipment is expressed in Newton (N) as the force that can be withstood per cm². The table below shows the current requirements for the official competitions of different fencing disciplines and what has to be used during the training.

CategoryMaskUnder VestVest/PantsFloret/Epée Sabre
Kuikens350 N800 N350 NNormal (mt. 0)Normal (mt. 0)
Benjamins350 N800 N350 NNormal (mt. 0)Normal (mt. 0)
Pupils1600 N800 N800 NNormal (mt 5)S2000+
Cadets1600 N800 N800 NFIE MaragingS2000+
Juniors1600 N800 N800 NFIE MaragingS2000+
Seniors1600 N800 N800 NFIE MaragingS2000+

Table source: KNAS, May 9, 2008