Press Releases

Five medals for Zaal Treffers at the Rijnland Youth Tournament (in Dutch)

De Leidenaar 26.03.2024

Dutch epee U17 team 8th at European Youth Championships in Italy (in Dutch)

De Leidenaar 26.02.2024

Sleutelstad Sport: Leonardo Bentivogli competed at the European Youth Championships (in Dutch)

Sleutelstad 26.02.2024

Gold for Zaal Treffers fencer Vlinder Pieper in Amsterdam (in Dutch)

De Leidenaar 12.02.2024

Zaal Treffers active in the Netherlands and abroad (in Dutch)

De Leidenaar 07.02.2024

Leonardo Bentivogli goes to European Youth Fencing Championships (in Dutch)

De Leidenaar 25.01.2024

Zaal Treffers fencer Joep de Groot wins silver in Bergen (in Dutch)

De Leidenaar 06.11.2023

Leonardo Bentivogli twice Dutch fencing champion (in Dutch)

De Leidenaar 20.06.2023

Zaal Treffers fencer Lilla Gyovai Dutch Students champion 2023 (in Dutch)

De Leidenaar 13.06.2023

Zaal Treffers forth at NK equipe (in Dutch)

De Leidenaar 30.05.2023

Carmen Berends Dutch Champion Women Epee (in Dutch)

De Leidenaar 27.04.2023

Double gold on epee for Zaal Treffers (in Dutch)

De Leidenaar 26.03.2023

Fencer Jesse Pieper wins gold in Delft (in Dutch)

De Leidenaar 13.03.2023

Jesse Pieper aiming at World Fencing Championships (in Dutch)

Sleutelstad 12.03.2023

Epee fencer Bentivogli from Ravenna selected for Dutch team (in Italian)

Resto del Carlino Ravenna 03.02.2023

Fencer Leonardo Bentivogli reaches quarterfinals at Eurocup U17 in Greece (in Dutch)

De Leidenaar 30.01.2023

3 podiums at the Sista Cup for S.V. Zaal Treffers fencers (in Dutch)