SV Zaal Treffers offers to its members different training packages.

Topsport athletes train 3 evenings per week, standard fencers train 2 evenings per week and recreative fencers train 1 evening per week. Our training locations are in Leiden and Oegstgeest, each session lasts usually 2 hours and we open our doors on

Monday 18:30-20.30

Wednesday 18:30-20.30

Thursday 18:30-20.30

Guest fencers are always welcome (see prices for the cost of training sessions for non members). Please contact our maître via mail or WhatsApp for arrangements.

Our training sessions, unless specific preparation for upcoming competitions is planned, always present the following structure:

  • warming up
  • footwork
  • fencing technique
  • bouts
  • one-to-one lesson with the maître

The session starts with a warm-up, a mix of fitness and stretching exercises. Once the athletes’ muscles are warm and flexible the lesson proceeds with footwork techniques. Following is the chosen technique for the evening (French, Italian, Hungarian style) where the maître teaches the different positions, attacks and parries.

The session will carry on with the bouts under the maître’s supervision, to be able to practice the techniques learnt. The training continues then with individual lessons, where the maître helps the fencers to further develop in specific areas and at different levels. Fencers who regularly compete in national and international tournaments are given a little extra attention and the one-to-one sessions can last longer. These are the club’s top-sport athletes.